With CiuisCRM you can easily manage your customer relationships

and save time on your business.


Keep track of everything between you and your customers.

You can easily add customers and organize your customers.

You can easily create invoices and enter invoicing items.

You can create expenses easily, and you can track your expenses.

You can add and tracking your cash and bank accounts.

Track the support requests that your customers create based on their statuses and priorities.

You can add staff members and can also authorize your staff members.

You can easily create proposal and you can share proposal with your client. 

You can add projects & easily follow your projects. You can assign a staff member to project.

You can easily manage your leads.You can add leads by source and state, and you can convert them into customers after getting positive results

Compatible with all screens responsive user interface .Special design for mobile and tablet screen.User friendly interface, designed for easy use.

The timeline that you can

see all operations and 

operation logs.

You can examine your invoice, customer, support and sales reports in detail.

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